Student Testimonials

Following are comments we received from our students regarding our program.

Charles: “This is the best school I’ve been to, Thanks.”

Clinton: “Knowledgeable and helpful instructors training was well paced without pressure.”

Kenneth: “Staff very helpful, courteous, and informative.”

Samuel: “Everyone here at WPTS is great and fun to be around. I will miss everyone.”

Guy: “Instructor very knowledgeable and professional. Also had a lot of fun during class time. I enjoyed the time spent here. My hat’s OFF to all of you for your sincere dedication. Thanks.”

Humberto: “I have not been at any other truck school, but it would be very hard to top Western Pacific Truck School. Western has the best instructors.”

Thomas: “Good Program with Great Instructors.”

Randy: “Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the way the material was presented.”

Edward: “The instructors made class fun and I feel I learned a lot. The whole class was great, and we all passed with good scores. Thank you Western Pacific.”

Donald: “Due to your instructors and all your staff, I now have a job and my CDL. Thank you.”

Richard: “You guys were a great bunch of people and very helpful.”

William: “Western Pacific Truck School was a good experience.”

David: “The trainers at Western Pacific Truck School were very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Debra: “Absolutely. Thanks Willy & crew. You were all great. I did it!!!”

Jay: “I feel that I was given the best instruction-training. When I felt I needed more training, I was given it. Thank to all at WPTS.”

Tim: “Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient.”

Nathaniel: “All the instructors were patient and would go the extra mile in order for me to understand and catch up. They were really helpful to me.”