Driver Duties

Duties of a Long Distance Hauler

Functions/Duties of a Long Distance Hauler

  1. Read and Interpret Control Systems
  2. Perform Vehicle Inspections
  3. Exercise Basic Control
  4. Execute Shifting
  5. Back and Dock Tractor-Trailer
  6. Couple Trailer
  7. Uncouple Trailer
  8. Perform Visual Search
  9. Manage and Adjust Vehicle Speed
  10. Manage and Adjust Vehicle Space Relations
  11. Check and Maintain Vehicle Systems/Components
  12. Diagnose and Report Malfunctions
  13. Identify Potential Driving Hazards and perform Emergency Maneuvers
  14. Identify and Adjust to Difficult and Extreme Driving Conditions
  15. Handle and Document Cargo
  16. Deal with Accident Scenes and Reporting Procedures
  17. Deal with Environmental Issues
  18. Plan Trips/Make Appropriate Decisions
  19. Use Effective Communication and Public Relations Skills
  20. Manage Personal Resources/Deal with Life on the Road
  21. Record and Maintain Hours of Service Requirement