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CDL Training CentraliaThe United States economy runs on the transportation of goods. Truck drivers are responsible for nearly 70% of those transportation needs every single year. The total worth of those goods is 700 billion dollars. Including the goods U.S. drivers transport to and from Canada and Mexico, that number rises to 120,000 billion dollars in goods. None of it would be possible without the 3.5 million dedicated men and women who are trained through a reputable truck driving school and currently hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and put it to work every day. The Western Pacific Truck School provides CDL Training in Centralia that drivers choose when they want to reach their new career goals.

Go Commercial, Advance your Career

A CDL is required before you can begin your long-haul trucking career. At Western Pacific Truck School our programs are carefully structured and taught by professionals with extensive real-world driving experience. This helps us to provide the best CDL training Centralia drivers can get. The trucking lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Traveling across the country, helping the U.S. economy grow, and taking control of your schedule can provide the kind of freedom some people aren’t looking for. For those who are, we can help you on the road to a rewarding career transporting goods across the U.S. and beyond.

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Individual consumers and businesses across the United States rely on deliveries from skilled truck drivers. These include every day, like supplies for school, food, books, and more. It also includes specialized goods like life-saving medical devices and important construction materials. Truck drivers are a vital link in our country’s supply chain. If you want to help that chain become even stronger, the trucking industry may provide the perfect career opportunity for you.

We’re Committed to Student Success

At Western Pacific we only enroll students we believe will find placement after completing our courses. Our training will give you the necessary skills to compete in today’s market and excel in your new position. Long-haul trucking comes with a good salary and room for growth. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel across the United States and abroad.

Discover the Opportunity for Growth

The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates the current CDL trucker shortage at 100,000 positions. This number is expected to increase to as many as 400,000 positions in the near future. With salaries starting at about $40,000 and experienced truck drivers making over $60,000, it’s an incredible time to enter this desirable field.

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