How Long Does It Take to Get a CDL and How Long Does It Last?

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April 27, 2022
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If you’re like many people, you’ve probably thought about getting your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) at some point. It is crucial when wanting to become a truck driver, which can be very lucrative for those looking to work independently and have their own schedule. But how long will you have to wait before you get your hands on the CDL? Read on to find out more.

What Does CDL Training Entail?

To get your CDL license, you must first go through and pass several CDL training courses that will teach you the ins and outs of commercial truck driving. This includes learning how to drive a semi-truck, understanding the safety precautions for operating such large vehicles (and why they are necessary), as well as studying federal regulations regarding commercial motor vehicles. With this type of experience under your belt, you can be sure to be much more qualified than the average motorist on the road. In summary, expect to learn the following during your CDL training:
-Basic control
-Dashboard configuration
-Night operation
-Loading and unloading
-Pre-trip inspection
-Hazardous materials regulations
-Truck maintenance, etc.

How Long Before You Get a CDL?

Every state has different requirements for how long you have to wait for your CDL license, but typically a CDL class takes around four to seven weeks. Once you are done with the course, all you need to do is pass the driving skills test, which will consist of a written and driving assessment.

What Factors Affect the Waiting Time?

Different factors will influence exactly how long you have to wait for your CDL. For example, the average time it takes to get a CDL license is around four weeks, but this may be longer depending on:

Type of CDL license

There are three types of CDL licenses: Class A, Class B CDL, and Class C. If you are applying for a commercial driver’s license as a professional trucker (Class A), the waiting period is typically longer than those applying for one of the other two types. CDL Class A allows a driver to operate a tractor-trailer with two or more trailers, thus requiring extensive training. In other words, the type of license you train for will influence how long you have to wait for your CDL.

State Laws

Different states also may have different waiting periods depending on their local DMV regulations. For example, in some places, CDL drivers need to wait for at least six months before applying for a CDL, while in others, the waiting period is only one month.

Endorsement Requirements

In some cases, the length of time will depend on whether or not you need to get any endorsements. These are additional qualifications that allow a driver to operate certain types of vehicles and trailers. Endorsements can take anywhere from a week or up to several weeks based on how many courses you have to complete before receiving your license. They could potentially slow down the process.

Student ability

The length of time it takes to get your CDL license class can also depend on the student. If you are a fast learner and pick up everything quickly, you may finish in less than four weeks. On the other hand, the process could take longer if you need additional training or have difficulty understanding certain concepts (like driving).

Full-time Vs. Part-time

Some trucking schools run a full-time CDL training program that lasts a couple of weeks, while others offer part-time training that focuses on one subject at a time. This means you will spend more time on CDL training in Portland if you opt for a part-time CDL training program since the schedule is stretched.
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What Are Your Options if You Need to Get a CDL license Quickly?

If you absolutely cannot wait for several weeks or even months before getting your license, there may be an option that will allow you to speed up the process without taking additional truck driving programs. This is called endorsement training, and it will enable you to practice driving skills specific to your career. For example, if you want to become a truck driver, you can complete endorsement training and get your CDL more quickly. This is because it will allow the process of getting your license to go faster by enabling hands-on experience with certain types of vehicles or trailers.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a CDL?

There are many benefits to getting your commercial driver’s license; one of the most important is getting an excellent job in this field. For example, if you have an A or B license, you can apply for employment with trucking companies that require employees to have this type of license, and you can even work for yourself if you own a commercial motor vehicle. Furthermore, the salaries are typically higher with this type of job, allowing you to earn a pretty penny.

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