Can I Take CDL Classes Online Or Do They Have To Be In-Person?

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The road to acquiring a CDL license can be tedious and time-consuming. You have to pass the general knowledge and driving skills test, which can be tricky. But before that, you have to attend CDL training classes that will take at least four weeks. If you already have other engagements and your schedule is tight, you might be wondering if it’s possible to skip the physical classes and attend online CDL training. Let us discuss this in the blog post below.

What is a CDL license, and why do you need one?

CDL stands for commercial drivers’ license. It’s the official state-issued driver’s permit that allows you to operate tanker vehicles and other heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses, which require additional CDL training. You can use this permit to operate various types of trucks, including straight trucks, semi-trailer trucks, combination tankers that transport liquid cargo such as crude oil or agricultural chemicals, and dump trailers to transport loose materials like gravel and sand. You can also use this permit to operate passenger buses designed to carry more than 16 people, including the truck driver.

Can I take my CDL classes online?

Yes, it’s possible to take your commercial driver’s license classes online. Some companies offer various types of CDL training programs like general knowledge skills tests preparation for the written CDL exam. The online CDL training program usually covers all the main topics you need to know to pass the state certification test. The downside is that most e-learning courses are costly. It’s also important to mention that some states might require you to attend an actual CDL training class in a physical location to get your permit. It’s also important to note that many companies will prefer to hire someone who has in-person training and experience.

What kind of CDL training is available online?

Most major trucking companies that hire drivers offer CDL instruction courses via distance learning. They often give their students access to e-learning modules, DVDs, and CDs with interactive lessons. Such classes usually last around four weeks or longer, depending on your schedule and availability. The main advantage is learning at your own pace and fit the lessons around your daily routine.

Can you take a CDL exam online?

No, at the moment, you cannot take a CDL test online. The only way to do it is by attending an actual CDL exam center. Suppose your state requires you to pass all three practice tests (general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicle) to get your permit. In that case, it means you will need around 25 hours of classes that include both theoretical and practical training. You will also need to complete a mandatory pre-trip inspection of the commercial motor vehicle you will drive during your road test, which is why it’s best to choose an e-learning program that includes at least 25 hours of actual in-classroom lessons with real instructors.

Why should I not take CDL classes online?

There are many reasons why you should not take your CDL classes online. Here are a few:

It is ineffective

The first reason is your safety and security: you must take the classes in person, especially if it is your first time applying for a commercial driver’s license. Driving large or heavy vehicles is not recommended without proper instruction from experienced drivers who know all state rules and regulations. As such, very few commercial carriers, if any, will take you in.

The DMV does not approve online CDL classes

Another reason is that online truck driving schools are not recognized or approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In other words, you risk losing your money if this company doesn’t follow through with its promises to get you a license. Additionally, you could also miss out on some of the essential lessons you need to learn to get your CDL.

It is costly

The final reason is that online courses are usually too expensive for most people. This is especially true when compared to regular truck driving school classes that charge only around $400 for an entire training course, including all tests and endorsements.

What is the cost of getting your CDL license?

The cost of getting your CDL license will depend on where you live and how many endorsements you have to get to drive the vehicles that interest you. Remember, prices can also vary according to company policies, so it’s best to contact the one you want to enroll in and ask about their fees.

How long do CDL classes last?

CDL classes usually last around four weeks or longer, depending on the schedule of the truck school you enroll in. These classes include both theoretical and practical training.

Does everyone need a CDL license?

No, not everyone needs to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are many different types of licenses depending on what kind of vehicle you want to drive, how many axles it has, and whether you want a regular or commercial license. However, it is important to get one if you plan to have a career in the trucking industry as a truck driver.

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