Admission Requirements

To be accepted for training, applicants must be able to:

  • Read, write and comprehend English (Western Pacific does not provide English as a second language)
  • Submit a copy of High School Diploma, GED Certificate, or verification of College credit, if available.
  • Pass an Entrance exam if proof of high school graduation or GED is not available.
  • Pass a Department of Transportation physical
  • Obtain a DMV printout and have an acceptable driving record
  • Submit a current Driver’s license
  • Submit a Social Security Card
  • Pass a drug screen

Admission Procedures

The applicant is first interviewed by the Director of Admissions. This interview serves a two‑fold purpose: informing the applicants about our school and careers within the trucking industry and screening the applicants for suitability for training under the criteria of the Advanced Tractor/Trailer Operator Program.

The Director of Admissions will discuss the pros and cons of a career within the trucking industry. We believe it is important for all applicants to have all information possible in order to make an informed career choice.

During the interview it is pointed out that a bad driving record (i.e., DUI and excessive tickets) may make it difficult to obtain employment as a tractor/trailer driver or even get a Class A permit. Applicants with bad driving records are discouraged from attending school. In the winter months, applicants under the age of 21 may find difficulty in obtaining employment in the trucking industry.

An Enrollment Agreement is processed when the applicant is deemed qualified for training and enrolls in school. The agreement is then reviewed by a school official and if acceptable, final approval is authorized.